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Black House Creative was founded in 2009 with the aim of providing the best design with the most effective marketing solutions to deliver the greatest return on investment for our clients.

Balancing passion with purpose, we remain focused on continually strengthening our proposition, by working closely with our clients, striving to exceed expectations and breathing life into everything we do.

Ar Rùn

Chaidh Black House Creative a stèidheachadh ann an 2009 leis an t-amas an dealbhachadh as fheàrr a chur an cois nan innleachdan margaidheachd as èifeachdaiche gus an toradh as motha fhaighinn do ur luchd-dèiligidh.

A’ cothromachadh dealas agus pragmatachas, tha sinn daonnan a’ neartachadh ar tairgse, le bhith ag obair gu dlùth le ar luchd-dèiligidh, a’ dèanamh spàirn gus barrachd  air na chaidh a chur romhainn a choileanadh, agus ag ath-bheothachadh gach rud a tha sinn a’ dèanamh.


Black House Creative

Here at Black House Creative we are passionate about design and all things creative. We are a team of highly experienced individuals in our own right who come together as a force to bring you the best in creative design solutions. We are problem solvers, creative thinkers and bursting with ideas to deliver strategic, creative and effective solutions to maximise your potential in your chosen market place. But that’s enough about us, what’s in it for you …

You will attract more customers
You will boost your brand awareness to increase your profits
You will accelerate your return on investment and reduce your time to market

Your business will benefit from our expertise and ability, from initial concept work to finished design; marketing strategies; product development and project management, all the way through to delivery.

Whatever your project, we will be on hand from start to finish and guarantee not to let you down.

Paula Chyzy
Managing Partner

Charting a clear direction

We all need a direction in life, someone to help us unravel the jungle of ideas that stay in your head and prevent you from moving forward. Let us help you unravel your business ideas and give you a clear direction of travel

Establishing a positive impression

As with life, first impressions count for everything and business is no different. Let us help you build a strong brand that is recognisable, promotes growth and makes a lasting first impression.

Creating powerful visual impact

Design is our passion, we are creative people and like to express ourselves. Let us help you express yourself and get your message across to your customers.

Communicating loud and clear

Blue sky thinking out of the box is all very well if you know what it means. Let us help you through the treacle of marketing jargon and get your message across to your customers clearly and concisely and in plain English.


Our award winning creative team is a mixed bunch, from varying backgrounds but all with one common passion, to excel at what we do.

We are a close knit team with a good understanding of each other that comes from working together for many years and all with one common desire, to make you happy and exceed all expectations.

But of course, you’ll be the judge of that.

Managing Partner
Likes: Long Country Walks, Christmas, 80s Music
Dislikes: Rude People, Dirty Shoes, Bad Workmanship
Creative Director
Likes: Funk, Supporting Bradford City, Walking and thinking in Bolton Abbey
Dislikes: Any sort of cruelty, Rubbish design, Restrictions
Marketing & Digital Media Director
Likes: A brisk walk across mountains and hills, Barbecues in Summer, Gadgets and tech
Dislikes: Arrogance, Traffic Jams, Being Late
Senior Design Creative
Likes: Classic VWs, Pantone 7664, Radio 2
Dislikes: Rudeness, Alarm Clocks, Comic Sans Font
Senior Design Creative
Likes: Cycling, Whisky, Music
Dislikes: Bad Manners, Litter, Spiders
Senior Copywriter
Likes: Splashing around in the Ocean, A wacking great cheeseboard, The smell of rain on tarmac
Dislikes: Incorrect use of cutlery, The day before pay day, Goodbyes
Business Development Manager
Likes: Leeds United, Beer, Dogs
Dislikes: Running in the Rain, Short Conversations, Losing out on a Deal
Senior Technical Advisor
Likes: Gadgets, Challenging projects that stretch my imagination and skill sets, Toasters
Dislikes: Missing information, Poor quality, Toasters
Likes: Watching Snow fall, River Fishing, Watching the best team ever to play in red
Dislikes: Litter, Bad Manners, Spitting
Senior Design Creative
Likes: Brass Bands, Gardening, Frogs
Dislikes: Cats, Being Late, Slugs
Senior Design Creative
Likes: Spending time with family, White Wine, Christmas
Dislikes: Long queues, Rain, Discourteous people
Food Tech Guru
Likes: Mountain Adventures, Sea Adventures, Cycling
Dislikes: Advertising my Dislikes, Wasted Time, Litter
Studio Assistant
Likes: Chocolate biscuits, Going for Walks, Tripe filled bones
Dislikes: Going to the Vets, Being left alone, The Postie

We encourage client feedback, it’s nice to know if we’re doing something right, but it’s equally important to know if we are not so we can put it right next time


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We like to locate ourselves in inspirational places. We have two offices,  one in the wonderful and wild Highlands and Islands of Scotland and the second in the beautiful and captivating Yorkshire Dales. Each area provides a creative hub for the team and gives access to a vast travel network, making accessibility for us and our clients as easy as possible.

Highlands and Islands Office:
Black House Creative
The Green House
Inverness, Inverness-shire, IV2 3BL
Tel: 01463 572101

Yorkshire Dales Office:
Black House Creative
Nidderdale Plus, Pateley Bridge
North Yorkshire, HG3 5AT
Tel: 01423 369563