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Wotto Otto

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The Client:
Wotto Otto is a young brand with big ambition and ideas, wishing to break in to the outdoor apparel market, starting initially with funky T-shirts. It’s main aim in addition to creating a great brand, is to donate a percentage of all sales to Wild Otter Conservation.

Aim & Objectives:
Wotto Otto approached us initially for assistance with their brand identity, they wanted something bold, eye catching and that would stand out to their target audience, creating a character that people would love and could relate to, without looking comical and that they would want to be seen wearing.

The Result:
Taking the very essence of their interests ie. the Otter, we started with pencil scamps and developed Wotto Otto the character, fine-tuning and crafting the design until we got it just right. Our client was so pleased with the look of the brand that they decided to use this as the signature design for the front of all their products, starting with their brilliant environmentally friendly T-shirts. This then led to the creation of stationery, then product development including sourcing manufacturing and production houses for the actual T-shirt themselves, creating the woven brand labelling for both inside the T-shirt neck and on the sleeve and then finally working on the e-commerce website. We are now developing their marketing strategy and continue to provide on-going advice.